What “Payamyar Interior Design Company” thinks about…


Payamyar Interior Design Company is established aiming to improve and make changes in lifestyle.

Making changes in luxurious lifestyle has always been and will be the first objective of this idea-oriented company.

Providing different and diverse services in this field demands creating a dynamic ground; an efficient and knowledge-based ground.  Payamyar Company has been able to provide such a ground through continuous work and valuable experiences during two decades.

And now, focusing on intellect, management, experience, and creative and young forces, this company tries to expand its valued achievements beyond the boundaries.

Payamyar Interior Design Company (meaning message-aider) is a company that provides interior design and architecture services; but with a creative, idea-oriented, and different approaches.

Every day, we carry out studies to develop new ideas, analyze the first-class designer’s works, and try to have a say in transboundary space and want to show our country’s capability that can compete with most up-to -date designs of the world.


Payamyar Interior Design Company prospect


After making numerous successes in the country, the Payamyar Design Company aims to act beyond the borders and achieve a remarkable rating among designers and intellectuals of the world. Being prominent among the best classes of the world is not a dream, and we believe that our path would be difficult but achievable. Therefore, we will do our best to attain this prospect.

Payamyar mission


Our mission is to enhance the addressee’s view, desire and taste to supply him/her with what we have learned and experienced in the form of a precious and value-based product. Changing and improving lifestyle and influencing the market view is our duty and mission.


Payamyar objectives


The objectives of Payamyar Design Company can be divided into long and short-term objectives.

  1. short-term objectives
  2. Establishing and developing international offices
  3. Influencing specialized market of interior design and architecture
  4. Establishing and developing website, application and social networks to have closer and deeper relations with domestic and foreign addressees.
  5. Enhancing and developing services in international classes.
  6. Creating an access bridge to be available among producers, architects and interior designers and the owners of foreign luxurious industries.
  7. Long-term objectives
  8. Establishing and developing offices in different countries.
  9. Developing relations between interior designers and the owners of luxurious industries.
  10. Attracting and implementing projects in different countries of the world.